Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Panic Mode!!!

So...instead of getting better at this whole blog thing...I'm obviously getting worse. It's almost been a month. Gee I'm so sorry. I'm not trying to keep you out of the loop, I've just been insanely busy. But what a wonderful time I've been having. So...a quick summary of all that's been going on:
I went to Seattle the last weekend of February to visit my friends Mindy & Damian & help them move into their new apartment. I had a blast. It was a much needed little vacation. We got them all moved in & even got to do a little sightseeing before I had to drive 4 hours back Sunday night. We went to Pike's Place Market...where a fish's mouth touched me cheek...not happy. :) No it was really so much fun. They (along with Mindy's amazing mother) spoiled me to death. I greatly appreciated it. So...SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMIES! :)
Then our speaker for the first week in March was Ken amazing man does not care AT ALL what people think about him. He's very gifted in prophetic word & had an encouraging word for each of the students. This was such a great week...especially after the emotional week before. He was so much fun & challenged us to just be complete fools for God.
We've started working on dramas to do on outreach. They are so awesome & powerful. They are really good overseas I guess, a lot of people respond to them. One of them is like a puppet dance to show how the devil can have a hold on you. The other is this amazing one about a girl who gets distracted from God & turns to boyfriends, money, alcohol, anorexia, & suicide. At the end she fights her way to Jesus through all the bad people but gets thrown down & then Jesus saves the day. TEAR JERKER. I'm actually playing the girl & basically get to get the crap beat out of's great. :) I'm way excited.
Our speaker last week was a guy named Fred Allen who was extremely entertaining. He had some very controversial points that made everyone think. He was awesome though. He spoke on missions according to Jesus & took missions statements right form Jesus' mouth & helped us apply the same ones to our own lives. I wish I could add in the awesome points & stuff...but I don't want to make this blog any longer than it's already going to be.
Our Thailand outreach meeting have been absolutely amazing. We've really been diving into prayer & intercession for out trip. I actually just got done with one & am soooooooooooooooo excited to be leaving. I leave April less than 3 weeks. We feel very strongly about the leading God is giving us in our outreach & can't wait to just go & do our part.
So to sum it all up I am doing extremely well & am just loving life. But there are some pretty big things I need prayer for:
  1. I have been sick for about a week now. More like a severe cold...but it's been making me miserable. I can't breathe through my nose because it's so stuffed so I end up drooling all night long. My throat is killing me & my voice is shot. Just pray that God will get rid of this dumb thing so I can be at 100% to do the things I need to get done.
  2. Please pray for out team going to Thailand. We are super close so that's great, but we want to stay unified in spite of the tremendous spiritual oppression in Asia. Also for physical safety of course. Plus, we are taking a toddler with us so that's scary enough in itself. Let me give you guys the names... Leaders~Brandon & Angela & little 2 year old Noah, Megan. Students~ Adrian & Erin, Corey, Dusty, Kristina, & Me. :)
  3. This is a huge one. So I leave in 18 days, but I still need to raise $3900! Crazy...I know. But I also know God loves to do crazy things & nothing is impossible for Him. This is where I'm in panic mode. After everything I've been through the last thing I need holding me back from doing what God has called me to do is stupid money! Please, please, please pray that God will work an absolute miracle. Tell your friends & your friend's friends to be pray for me, or better yet...act! That would be amazing.

Thank you so much again for supporting me. I know I say this every time, but I really do appreciate it. I miss you all so much & can't wait to tell you my amazing stories of how God provides & what He does when I'm on outreach. I pray you are all being blessed along with your families. I LOVE YOU ALL! :) :) :)