Thursday, February 19, 2009

Relationships...Complicated Stuff

Hello again! Sorry it takes me forever to write new blogs...but the Internet has been down here at the base. So it's not really my fault. :) It was an interesting week last week. Our topic was relationships to go along with the Valentine's Day weekend. Not my favorite topic in the world...but I survived. Our speaker was Dean Sherman and some of his great points were:

  • Jesus is love.

  • Love is the answer to the world's problems.

  • You need to be convinced that God loves you more than you love God.

  • Love is greater when it jumps over more barriers! (Story of my life :D)

  • Selfishness is the root of every problem.

  • Don't just preach the message, BE THE MESSAGE!

  • Be so committed to the truth that the 1st thing you do when you haven't done the is repent.

  • Success is getting up ONE more time than you're knocked down.

  • Relationships are only as deep as they are open & only as strong as they are broken.

  • Keep committed by choice & feelings will come back

  • When someone sins, it's not the sinful act we need to focus on fixing, it's the mindset behind the act.

  • One thing does NOT lead to another...YOU lead things to another.

  • God's response to sin was love.

  • God says...You can do anything you want to, BUT some things just aren't smart to do. (1 Corinthians 6:12)

I had a good wasn't the best Valentine's I could have had though. :( I definitely missed someONE! But I did hang out with my roommates all day which was fun. & then the DTS guys prepared an AMAZING dinner for us girls. They served us & everything, it was soooo sweet. It's hard to get the pictures on the blog but you can check them out on my facebook if you want. I hope you all had a wonderful one though.

So I won't talk about this week til I blog again this weekend, but I will tell you what's going on with outreach. We've had some meetings & I am getting SUPER excited. When we're in the 1st country we'll be going to we will be teaching English in some of the orphanages & doing a lot of prayer walks. Then when we go to Thailand we will be working in a Burmese refugee camp. We'll get to work with the kids & teach them English as well. We will also be helping with a ministry that deals with the issue of human trafficking, which is modern day slavery, which I'll talk about a little more tomorrow. I am definitely excited, only about a month & a half to go & we're off to Asia.

If you guys don't mind praying for me some more I have some little requests:

  1. I've been really emotional lately which is CRAZY for me. But I think the information overload here along with having my eyes opened to so many things is really rocking my world. Please just pray that God will continue to open my mind & store more stuff in my heart.

  2. Pray for my dad as well. I think God is really starting to work on him, & I can't even express to you my excitement about that.

  3. The biggest thing stressing me out at the moment though is my financial status for outreach. The lecture phase costs $2900 & the outreach is $3100. So far I have $1450 in...& $4550 left to go. I know where the Lord guides, He will provide! But I'm not gonna lie...I'm nervous.

Thank you all so much for all your support & love! You have no clue how much it means to me. I miss you all so incredibly much. I would love to hear from you! Talk to you soon! :D

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