Monday, February 9, 2009


AHH CRAP! Sorry I haven't been keeping you guys posted on what's going on. I have been sooooooo super busy. The past 2 weeks have been jam packed of things. & I'm not gonna lie, my brain is completely fried. Thankfully Jesus continues to keep me alive & not brain dead. :) So we had the most AMAZING speaker last week...his name was Dan Bauman ladies & gentlemen.

So Dan was imprisoned in Iran for 9 weeks when he was 33 years old. He had 2 accounts on his life, 1 for being a spy & 1 for being a missionary. He was beaten for information every day. They thought he worked for the CIA or something. Luckily God got him out. He had dual citizenship with the US & Sweden & the Swedish ambassador in Iran got him out of prison. His story was absolutely amazing. Some of his best points were:
  • Everything you ever want to do for God, will be the overflow of intimacy with God.
  • All life is is discovering over & over again how much God loves you.
  • God is bigger than our buts. He's bigger than any excuse I can ever give.
  • Love is the deepest motivator of the human heart.
  • Don't quit!!
  • Find & look for God & you will find His will for your life.
  • Having great faith is overrated, but having Jesus is everything.
  • There is NEVER a substitute for integrity.
  • No heart is too hard for Jesus.
  • You only love God as much as the person you love least.
  • Truth doesn't start with how you feel, it starts with who God is.
  • When you care what other people think of you, it's because God's unconditional love isn't enough for you! OUCH!
  • John 15- Don't focus on the fruit, just stay connected.
  • I want to lean so hard on Jesus that if He moves, I fall down.
  • Passion without action leads to disillusionment.
  • Where God guides, He provides.
  • Peter didn't see his miracle when he was sitting in the boat, he had to stand up & take a step of faith.

I just have to say that it was a spectacular week. :) This week our speaker is Dean Sherman, who is our school leader's father. He is speaking on relationships...not my favorite subject. HAHA

Last week I had a great lesson from God that I would like to share. It's kind of personal though. So, I've always been really hard on myself spiritually. I never feel like I'm good enough & think that I'm the worst Christian ever because I'm not perfect. Even here at the DTS I struggle thinking I'm doing a terrible job. Well the staff girl I meet with to do my one-on-ones ( which is just a time we get to meet with a specific staff member individually to process what's going on in our lives) once a week had a really good word for me from the Lord. She basically told me that God wanted her to tell me that I'm doing a really great job. & that He has noticed all my sacrifices & my heart. I was so encouraged because I think I don't give God time to tell me that because I'm trying to serve Him so much. But He loves me...just because I'm Caiti, not because I do things for Him. It was a great revelation. :)

Well thanks for listening guys. & I will try to post some more pictures & stuff. I've been having a lot of fun as well. I'm pretty much dominating at that's awesome. I especially love it when I beat the guys. :) I've been learning a little Korean too. Anyo: means Hi! Anyo Hace Yo: means Hi...but for an old person! haha that's what they tell me anyway! Oh yeah...I don't think I mentioned but there's a Korean DTS on the base too. So one of my roommates is's awesome.

Anyways, please continue to pray for me...especially in the area of God clarifying my calling & also for my money to come in for outreach. I'm really nervous...but I know God will take care of me. I really appreciate you all. Of course, you're always in my prayers. I miss & love you guys! :) :) :) GOD BLESS!

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